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January, 2016

  • The Evolution of the Number Plate

    The Evolution of the Number Plate

    The history of the number plate is rife with bloody battles, fierce political conflicts and thrilling suspense.

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  • Rolls Royce Dawn & Chill?

    Rolls Royce Dawn & Chill?

    Rolls Royce have added the Dawn to their selubrious range of cars. Not only is every aspect of the car meticulously designed but so apparently are the accessories you can get for it.

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  • New Opel GT Concept

    New Opel GT Concept

    The future of the Opel GT has been revealed ahead of the Geneva debut and we like it.

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  • Stolen Number Plates...oh my

    Stolen Number Plates...oh my

    1600 number plates were stolen from vehicles in Staffordshire over the last four years!!

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  • Michael Furman Photography

    Michael Furman Photography

    Some really beautiful car photography of some gorgeous automobiles.

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