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The lovely Exclusive Edition R8
Quantum Grey and Orange highlights
Luxury racing shell seats
Only 25 in production

2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus Exclusive Edition

by Kevin Carter

So this beast is available just to show all that is available in Audi's toy box. One of its signature  features is a laser high-beam module that augments the LED high beams with a low, wide beam of light produced by four high-intensity diodes. Exactly. Something something lasers!

Its got a quantum grey livery, gloss anthracite grill and wheels, signature orange elements for a bit of colour and racing shell seats. Only 25 examples available.

We've got just the finishing touch for it with our Signature Range number plates.

Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter

Digital artist with an interest in all things visually creative as well as being an animal behind the drums.

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