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1970 Volvo 1800e

by Kevin Carter

Not one of our sportier classics but a classic none-the-less. This Volvo has some unique design elements and definitely has some power under the hood. Powered by a B20E powerplant it can push out 128hp, can reach the dizzying speeds of 118mph and can go from 0 to fast in under 10 seconds. So its not one to be scoffed at. Finished in a rather fetching colour this example apparently has  an "unknown" number of miles on the road. Normally a worry if you're thinking of investing but  apparently a 1966 model of its highly similar predecessor holds the world record for the most miles driven in a non-commercial service logging......wait for it.....3 million miles in 2013! Yep, 3 million. I'm not even sure how that's possible!


Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter

Digital artist with an interest in all things visually creative as well as being an animal behind the drums.

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