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The Rezvani Beast Alpha

by Daniel Southern

When I first saw this I thought, wow, that's an impressive looking car, who are these Rezvani guys. Carbon fibre body, simple driver-focused interior that's ticking a few boxes. Turbo charged 2.4L engine outputs 500hp meaning this car goes from 0 to fast in 3.2 seconds. Then they added those crazy SideWinder doors that look like something out of Robocop, or a bond movie bad guy car, with rockets in them. I'm sure its a nice car but I can just see myself parking without thinking near a lampost and BAM, doors open and crunch forward into the post. Obviously this is all in my head as I'm about as likely to own this as a P1 and Ferrari 458.

What do you think? 

Daniel Southern

Daniel Southern

The head honcho at Fourdot. He has a fascination for all things number plate, ranging from reflective luminosity to the most outrageous number plates. Can often be found sneaking around badly lit streets taking photos of number plates for his personal collection.

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